Zurich Urban Elements

This online exhibition presents drawings and texts from first year students, examining a range of architectural urban elements that constitute the city of Zürich. In various years, the students investigated public entrances, balconies, and street corners, which together offer a glimpse into the characteristics of this city.
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Zürich Urban Elements

Tom Avermaete, Hans Teerds

Nadi Abusaada, Thomas Chapman, Marianna Charitonnidou, Lahbib El Moumni, Sara Frikech, Maaike Goedkoop, Janina Gosseye, Sanna Kattenbeck, Nicole de Lalouvière, Hamish Lonergan, Niloofar Rasooli, Maxime Zaugg

Student Assistants:
Julia Filippo, Maria Lamott, Tom Mundy, Rico Muth

Online Exhibition Support:
Maaike Goedkoop, Kaspar Zilian, Leandra Graf

Contact: Hans Teerds